Meet Your Photographer
Sarah was raised in front of a camera and at a very early age had a camera in her hand.  She believes that family photos are not a privilege to be given only to the wealthy.  Everyone should have affordable family portraits! To Sarah, photography is a way to capture the memories that we too easily forget.  Her mother passed away very unexpectedly at the age of only 29. Sarah was only 8 and photos was all she had to remind her of her mother.  Today, she believes that everyone needs to capture every milestone of their lives not only to cherish today, but to be cherished by those we leave behind when we're no longer here.  She is committed to making that happen for everyone, affordably!
Sarah is a VERY proud mother of four incredible boys and one beautiful little girl. She is also a wife to one amazing husband. Her husband, Ryan, is the co-owner and office manager of ShutterHappy. He handles most all the office work including but certainly not limited to answering the hundreds of emails and Facebook messages we receive a week.  When you book a session with us, you're most likely speaking to Ryan.

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