Free Photos For Life Contest Rules

Everyday beginning February 16th 2018 through March 2nd 2018, ShutterHappy Photography will post a clue to their Facebook Page leading participants to a specific location. Each clue with have it's own rules and timeframe listed in the post. Participants will have to follow those rules and take a selfie of themselves at the correct location and post it to the comments section of the corresponding clue post. The photo must clearly show both the participant's face and the correct location, without question, in order to be considered the correct location and be a valid entry.

Points will be awarded to each participant who posts their selfie in the correct location. Points will be awarded as follows:

Each correct location selfie--1 point
1st to post selfie in correct location--10 bonus points
2nd to post selfie in correct location--5 bonus points
3rd to post selfie in correct location--3 bonus points
Creativity Bonus--BE CREATIVE with your selfie and you can earn extra bonus points based on the number of interactions your selfie gets. Interactions are defined as likes, loves, and the like on your photo comment. Each "like" equals 1 bonus point.
Text Club Bonus Points--Text club Members will have the opportunity to earn extra credit points and additional clues to locations.
Negative Points--WHOA WHAT?! Yep, you can lose points. Each incorrect location selfie will deduct 15 points from your total!

Points will be awarded by ShutterHappy Photography at the end of each clue timeline by commenting on your selfie with your awarded point amount. Points will be determined by ShutterHappy Photography and are final and non-negotiable. Participants continue to accumulate points throughout the contest period for each correctly done selfie they enter each day. You can only post ONE (1) selfie per clue and any deleted comments/photos will result in the participant being removed from the contest.

At the end of the contest period, March 2nd 2018, ShutterHappy Photography will determine a winner. Winner must be present to win and have a government issued ID matching the name on their Facebook account.

There will be ONE (1) Grand Prize Winner awarded Free Photos For Life. 

More info can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/ShutterHappyPhotography/posts/1820265024652460

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