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ShutterHappy Photography is committed to providing the highest standard of ethics and ettique when it comes to your photo experience. Your health and safety have always been one of our top priorities.

During this pandemic we promise to follow all city, state, and national guidelines set forth by our health and government officials. We will also abide closely to any protocols set forth by private entities. This includes hospitals, birth centers, and local parks/venues where we will be photographing.

Due to the ever changing protocols we will update this page as often as those protocols affect our business.

As of July 17th 2020:

* Due to the large increase in COVID-19 cases in Idaho and across the nation ShutterHappy is offering currently scheduled clients the option to hold their session using the following sanitation protocol or at their own descretion opt to cancel their session and retain a credit to apply toward future session(s) good for up to 1 year from their originally scheduled date. 

*ShutterHappy will be implementing the following sanitation protocols for those holding sessions:
     1) Photographers will be wearing masks. Please note that if you have children who may be alarmed by the masks that cancelling your session and retaining a credit may be in your best interest. We will do our best as always to get your child to participate cheerfully but know that some children are put off by the masks and may not smile.
     2) Anyone who is not being photographed but is attending the session will be required to wear a face covering. If you do not have one, one will be provided for you.
     3) When you arrive for your session we will provide you with hand sanitizing wipes to clean everyone's hands before we begin. Photographers will also sanitize their hands. We will do this again at the end of your session.
     4) If you have been ill or around anyone who has been ill within  14 days preceeding your session please contact us asap to reschedule. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or around anyone with COVID-19 you will need to wait 14 days past the postive test or date of exposure before rescheduling your session. Anyone who arrives to their session appearing to have any illness will be immediately rescheduled. Photographers may at their discretion do non-touch temperature checks.
     5) If you have members of your family visiting from Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Texas they will have a mandatory temperature check at the beginning of the session. Any temperature over 100.1 will be cancelled and you will have a credit available for up to one year from the original session date.
     6) During your session the photographer may be in very close physical contact with you and your children. It is often necessary to physically touch the client to help them pose in the right position and/or coral your children. If you are not comfortable with this it may be in your best interest to cancel and retain a credit.

*Please know that we are taking your health very seriously and are making safety measures a top priority.

As of July 14th 2020:

* Due to the newest mandate enacted today by Central Distrist Health, ShutterHappy will no longer be holding any outdoor sessions in Ada County until further notice.
Our studio will remain open for newborn sessions only. No milestone or family/newborn add-on's will be held. During the newborn session we will allow only two people to attend and everyone must wear a mask. If you are scheduled for a milestone session or family add-on please contact us asap to make other arrangements.

*We will no longer be accepting any birth bookings until further notice. Those who are choosing to deliver at home, or a brith center that allows a photographer during this time, will be accepted.

*This is ever evolving and we will always make immediate changes as they become necessary.

As of July 4th 2020:

*Masks are required in any public space within Boise city limits. This means we will not be holding any outdoor sessions of any kind inside Boise at this time. Studio sessions will continue but all adults inside the studio must have a mask. If you do not have one, we will provide one for you.

*Masks are required inside all buildings within the city limits of McCall. Because we are scheduled for sessions in McCall July 18 and 19 we would like to remind all our clients to have masks with you when you visit McCall.

Idaho Stages:

*Stage 1 -- During stage 1 ShutterHappy can operate outdoor sessions with a maximum family size of 8. During these sessions the photographer(s) will wear masks and maintain social distancing. During stage 1 the studio will be closed.

*Stage 2 -- During stage 2 ShutterHappy can operate outdoor sessions with a maximum family size of 8. During these sessions the photographer(s) will wear masks and maintain social distancing. During stage 2 the studio will operate on limited hours. While in the studio both the photographer(s) and the clients will wear masks.

*Stage 3 -- During stage 3 ShutterHappy can operate outdoor sessions with up to 50 people. During these sessions the photographer(s) will wear a mask at the photographer's discretion and you as the client can make a request that we wear one if you'd prefer so. During stage 3 the studio will operate with limited hours. While in the studio the photographer(s) will wear a mask and clients can wear a mask at their discretion.

*Stage 4 -- During stage 4 ShutterHappy will operate as normal both outdoor and in studio. Both photographers and clients may wear masks at their discretion.

Birth Photography

*At this time no local hospitals are allowing a second person in the L&D rooms. Home births and Birth Centers are at their discretion. If your delivery is not able to be documented you will receive a full credit of the birth portion of the package you purchased to be used toward any and all sessions for up to 18 months after the date of delivery.

ShutterHappy would like to ask everyone to wear masks as often as possible. Practice good hygeine and social distancing. Avoid large groups whenever possible. And most importantly be kind to everyone and stay positive. No matter your personal take on this situation, these things are the fastest way to getting back to normalcy, and being kind is easy and so much better for your well-being and health. Thinking of others first is always best.  Just take the high road and be the better person, y'all!   **besides, Sarah wants to get back into those hospitals asap so her mommas can have their births documented!! Let's stick together and do our part to make that happen as soon as possible!

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