I understand that having a photographer in the room during the most intense and precious day of your life can seem a bit scary that's why I do everything possible to make sure you feel not only comfortable but as tho you've known me forever! Every mom who's had me there to capture the most amazing and magical day of their life (from a first time mom to those who've had 9 *NINE!!* kiddos) has been so grateful to have me there they have trouble expressing their gratitude in words! Most even say I'm better than any nurse and should consider being a doula! I TRULY LOVE birth photography and everything birth related. Birth stories are the BEST stories and there's NO better way to tell them than through photos that have beautifully, tastefully, and  professionally captured every moment, emotion, and feeling of that amazing process!
Just read a few of the many testimonials moms have written about ShutterHappy Photography and their birth experience!

With over 8 1/2 years experience and over 400 deliveries documented, ShutterHappy is Idaho's most experienced birth photographer!

You can also view many of the birth stories captured by ShutterHappy Photography here: https://www.facebook.com/ShutterHappyPhotography/videos/

Amanda Baldwin

Shortly after moving to Idaho I was on the lookout for a birth photographer for our baby due at the beginning of 2013. I stumbled across Sarah's website, looked at her birth photography pictures, and scheduled an appointment to talk with her. Upon meeting her, I instantly knew she was to be my birth photographer. So I booked her and we waited. The end of my pregnancy was adventurous with lots of false labor. We even had a practice run where we all thought I was truly in labor. When labor stalled and everyone packed up their stuff, Sarah said some kind words that helped the frustration I was feeling. When the day arrived, she was right back in the action. The shots she got of our homebirth was amazing. I look at the photos and have just a flood of emotions because she captured what I was feeling. She even got some fantastic shots of my boys watching their little sister be born and some very treasured shots of my grandmother sitting there with me. To top it off, she included shots she got of when we all thought I was in labor the first time. Those shots mean the world to me. If I'm still here in Idaho when I get pregnant again, I will hire Sarah again. Her work is fantastic!!

Julia Putnam

I was referred to Sarah and grateful every time I look at the pictures. I purchased the gift of life package which includes the maternity, birth, and newborn. I was so grateful I did this especially when I had a c section. I get to see the birth of my baby and relive the amazing emotions of becoming a mommy. I get to see the true love in my husband's eyes as he holds his daughter. A c section was a little terrifying, I had my doctor to get me through it but my husband had Sarah. She was so experienced she was able to tell him what was going to happen and in turn he was able to be my rock. Sarah is a great photographer that is easy to get along with and easy to talk to. I love how quick her turn around time is and how she doesn't over edit. I cherish every photo and I know my daughter will too. Thank you Sarah!!

Jill Byrne

When I found out I was pregnant one of the first things I thought of having done was maternity pictures. When I started looking for a photographer I was discouraged by the high prices and thought for sure I would never have my perfect pictures. Then I found Sarah. Not only did Sarah have completely reasonable prices but I was opened up to the world of birth photography. I had never even considered having our own digital camera in my delivery room, let alone a stranger with a big lens, but after seeing the breathtaking pictures on Sarah's page I knew I had to have those moments captured. Having Sarah in the room was like have a friend. She gave words of encouragement and advice to get through the pains of labor. She sat for hours with us, laughing and chatting as we waited for the big moment. Even when our son went to thd she was unable to take the "after" pictures, she called later that night to see if she could come back and take some more. I will be using Sarah for every future pregnancy. Words can not describe the beauty in the pictures she gave us.

Savanna Servatius
I was referred to Shutterhappy Photography and decided to purchase the Gift of Life package that includes the maternity shoot, birth story shoot and newborn shoot. It was one of my favorite decisions I've ever made! Sarah made me look so angelic and beautiful in my maternity shoot and captured the sweetest moments of my husband and I. Our newborn photos are adorable and Sarah was so cooperative and willing to try all of our ideas and add her talented touch. The birth photos are my favorite to look back on frequently! Sarah captured such precious moments that no family member could ever have done without missing out on the experience. And since I was drugged up and my experience was clouded, having pictures gives me even more to remember about that scary and beautiful day! I can't wait to go through the pictures with my daughter someday. We also had gorgeous family photos done this fall and we love them! Our Shutterhappy photos are treasures. I've never seen such professional, magical photography for such an affordable price! I can't wait to have Sarah do our next special occasion! I'm so glad we found her! Thanks for all of our beautiful photos you've already given us and we look forward to getting more!

Myrna Martin

I came across some photos that Sarah had taken of one of my friends. I had decided before I was even pregnant that I wanted to book with Sarah, see I'm a surrogate and while I get updates from the parents after they go home I wanted memories that would last forever for myself and that I could give them. This is why I got best package possible-I wanted the memories of being pregnancy, giving birth, and the final moments before leaving the hospital. While this is not my first time having a baby, it will be the most memorable! Sarah came even though baby decided she wanted to come 4 weeks early, I felt bad because I usually labor fast but Sarah was so patient and stayed with me for almost 12 hours. She didn't act like I had hired her to be there, she was a friend! She stayed by my side and when the parents got her she caught them up to speed on what was going on. When I received the photos all I could do was cry, she caught me at just the right times, raw and happy, tons of emotions and beauty! I can not recommend her enough and even though I may never get to do the Gift of Life package again, I will book any other session with her so she can capture photos of my kids as they grow!

Lindsey Sasser

I had no idea what a birth photographer was. With my first baby, we did not have a birth photographer. I wish so badly we had. 
I found out I was pregnant with baby 2 days after we had moved from Arizona to Boise. Women in a mother's group I was part of highly recommended Sarah. I checked out her website and was immediately impressed. I remember being so moved by the variety of pictures I saw. 
A few weeks passed and I finally was able to book Sarah. She called and talked to me about my expectations and so that we could get to know each other. It was truly amazing. I felt I had a friend, and I wasn't just another client. I had recently found out that due to complications sustained when my son was born, I had to have a c section. I was devastated. Sarah helped me feel calmer, and helped me to accept the section. I felt a little better about the section when I realized that with her in the room, I would not miss anything. 
We actually did the Gift of Life package. I am so glad we did. The maternity pictures were extraordinary. The day of the section, I was so nervous. When Sarah arrived at the hospital, something about her presence calmed me. The nurses, doctors, and anesthesiologist all knew Sarah. They welcomed her into the OR. To me, that made me see how well respected and professional she is. 
The pictures Sarah took were amazing. They move me to tears each time I look at them. We are so grateful Sarah was there. My husband has said over and over how much he loves the pictures.
One of the things my husband said is that he was able to focus on being there for me and calming me down, while Sarah took the pictures. Sarah captured all the emotions we felt on that day. We are so grateful for Sarah, for her talent, and kindness. Sarah even captured our son meeting his sister, and his emotions that day. We also have pictures of me nursing our daughter for the first time! 
Having a birth photographer was truly an extraordinary experience. We are so grateful Sarah was there.
In March, our two children will be baptized. You can bet we have already booked Sarah for that blessed occasion. 

Amy Woydziak
When I got pregnant with my 6th boy, and was told by the "BOSS" that NO MORE... I was on ShutterHappy Photography page all day, everyday, just awaiting for some kind of special. Bam...there it was! I woke up my husband and told him about it and booked it right away. Best thing I ever did! I purchased the 'Gift of Life'. I then needed a new look so I cut over 12" off my hair, donated it. Stocked ShutterHappy again to get some ideas on what to wear for my maternity shoot. Nailed it! Then it was all about impatiently waiting for Mr. Kashtin to make his début. I called Sarah after my doctor told me that he was going to induce on May 31, 2013. "Ok call me when you are at a 5cm" Worried out of my mind and many nightmares later that Sarah wasn't going to make it in time ( I did the same thing when I hired ShutterHappy for my wedding). When my doctor finally told me that I was at 5cm I wanted to do the happy dance because I was finally able to "make the call". As I was on the phone with Sarah, I was having a few nice strong contractions and I just kept talking to her while breathing through threw them so that I can talk to her. Her thoughts "there is no way she is a 5 and still able to talk to me". All natural Baby! 
Sarah got to the hospital about 30 minutes before I told my husband that I couldn't breath and to call the nurse. He was on one side of the bed and just had to reach over my contracting tummy and ever so softly brush up against my it just to push the nurse button. "OMG don't touch me there" I yelled. Sarah knew right then that that was "Thee 8 cm warning". All of a sudden a swarm of nurses came in and checked me and called the doctor for 'go time'! Doctor got there and he took one look and said ok lets have a baby. As he is getting his gloves on I'm trying to push, he said wait, I said Uhhh No! I can't stop! About 1-3 pushes later... Welcome baby Kashtin Richie. Sarah did such a great job and I am so very thankful for every picture she took in just the very short amount of time that we gave her. She went home and crawled into bed and her husband said " I thought you were taking pictures of a birth?" Sarah told her hubby "I did" LOL Your welcome Sarah for letting you go home a sleep while you were about 7 1/2 months pregnant yourself. 
Best choice I made and thank you for putting the "Gift of Life" pkg on sale!  A million Thank yous!!!

Ashley Howard
When my husband & I were planning our labor and delivery we decided a long time ago that we wanted to be the only ones in the room. We wanted it to be our experience without family or friends and just let us and our new child have the moment together. After we got pregnant last May we found out that the photographer we wanted to use, Sarah, did in the delivery room photos as an option. We decided that we wanted to do that and have someone there to capture the special moments that we will never be able to share again. We had our son Noah a month ago and it was such a great experience having Sarah there, she was honestly like having another nurse in the room. She made my Husband & I feel very comfortable and has done it a lot so she was very knowledgeable on the entire process and was very helpful to us. We will definitely be using her again with our next child! 
Thank you for offering the gift of life are Amazing at what you do!

Jasmine Payment

From the moment I scheduled my session to the moment I went into labor Sarah was there 100% throughout it all. She stood by my side the entire 18 hours I was in labor while being pregnant herself! She was patient, kind, caring, and understanding. It felt like I had a good friend right by my side. The photos she took are immaculate and really capture the feelings of that day. They are the most treasured photos I own by far. Choosing Sarah to Capture the birth of my daughter was the best decision I've made. I will without a doubt be using her again!

Samantha Fontenot

I had never heard of a Birth Photographer until one day I ran across ShutterHappy's Facebook page. I instantly fell in love with ALL of Sarah's photos and the idea of having a birth professionally photographed. This was 6 months after having our first child and I was already regretting not having a birth photographer there for his arrival. I just knew we had to have Sarah there to capture the birth of our second. 
Over the next year while my husband was deployed Sarah captured several important milestones for our family and then was there for his homecoming. A couple months later when we found out we were expecting our second child we contacted Sarah immediately because I just couldn't wait! When the time came for our little one to arrive Sarah was so helpful and is so full of knowledge when it comes to birth and babies. She's like a doula and photographer all in one! I never imagined having anyone other than my husband in the delivery room but it was such an amazing experience having Sarah there. I cannot stop looking through all of the photos from that day. They're something we will cherish forever and we cannot thank her enough. We will definitely have Sarah there for our 3rd baby!

Michele Gibson

The thought had never occurred to me to hire a birth photographer (we didn't even have a wedding photographer), and I never would have imagined it financially possible. There are so many expenses to consider when you are preparing for the arrival of a new baby. Luckily, I had seen some family photos of friends taken by ShutterHappy Photography and perused her website. Not only is Sarah a gifted artist, but she generously makes this service affordable.
After 3 girls I had a feeling we were expecting our first son and not only did I want to capture his arrival, but the intense emotion I have seen in my husband at each of the births. I love her natural style of shooting, so opted for The Gift of Life Package and upgraded it to include The First 24. A decision I will forever be thankful for.
We opted for another natural delivery, and it was very important for me to be able to stay focused on my body and my baby. The only time I even noticed Sarah in the room, was when she was kindly and quietly lending a hand. In the end, she got the images I longed for my husband to see (I knew he wouldn't believe such an outpouring of love). I delivered a beautiful baby naturally surrounded by my husband, mom, and two best friends (my nurse AND doctor), and Sarah caught every moment beautifully! And yes, we got our son.
My only regret is Shutterhappy Photography wasn't there to document our wedding day.

Morgan Bentzinger
"We were lucky enough to have Sarah capture our last child's birth. We never had anyone photograph either of our girls and I am beyond grateful for the absolutely amazing pictures she was able to take. She was very personable and respectful. I would pay double what she charges to do it again!!! Thank you!!"

Angie Lorenzo
"At first the idea of having a birth photographer had me in limbo, it sounded neat but at the same I wondered if I would feel uncomfortable having someone other than my husband and staff there...
I decided to go for it and had Sarah capture my second daughter's birth just a few weeks ago. I'm so glad I did! I received the cd with all the images from my baby's birth today and am more than happy! She captured great images! So beautiful, I cried while looking at them. so glad I decided to have her capture my baby's birth. As for having her in the room, I wasn't uncomfortable at all
Sarah was actually very helpful during my unmedicated labor. I told her she needs to add on her Birth package that she also acts as a doula! Thank you Sarah!"

My husband and I chose to purchase the "gift of life" package and we are beyond pleased with our photos and experience. Sarah was so easy to work with and professional, especially during our birthing experience in which we had a scary few moments. I really can't say enough about this photographer! She was prompt in answering any and all of our questions and always made us feel like valued customers. Her prices are exceptional! She will forever be our families photographer.

Best decision I ever made. If it wasn't for Sarah and ShutterHappy, I wouldn't have these precious photos of my son. My son passed away 15 days after he was born and I cherish my birth photos of him.


I had an Emergency C section on Feb 3. I called Sarah and told her and she was there in less then 30 mins. She was waiting right out side of my surgery room. She got the first set of pictures right in the recovery room. Was the best thing I ever did having her take photos. She gets the pictures no one can. You don't even notice she is there she is fast at getting them and very professional. I will do these photos again with my next baby as well. Its the best thing in the world.
When you have a c section you miss the weight n height n foot prints. The facial expressions of your husband..... she captures all of that and more. So worth having her for them. She makes you feel so comfortable like you have known her for years!!

I recommend it. when I first started thinking about it I was pretty nervous. But Sarah kept telling me to do it and I'm so glad she did... When she was there with us at the hospital waiting it was fun and I never felt awkward. Then when delivery started I didn't even remember she was there. It happened so quick and of course I remember much but because of the photos she took I can always look back and remember so much more. She doesn't ever go anywhere to make you feel uncomfortable and she does such an amazing job capturing the moment. I will definitely be doing it again with our next little one!

I highly recommend her!! She is amazing! I wish she would of been around when I had my girls but I was lucky enough to have her take photos with my son! She captured something very special to my family! My water broke 4 weeks early at 4 in the morning , I called and she was there. I felt so comfortable with her you don't even know she is there once things start rolling. My son had to be transported to Boise to the NICU and she was there every step of the way and I can not thank her enough words don't describe the gratitude I have for her!! I'm so happy she was there for our last baby :)

I would definitely recommend getting pictures done by Sarah! Looking at all the birth photos made me change my mind from straight wanting a C-section to hoping she'd come naturally before the scheduled date. Unfortunately she didn't and Sarah was there, BEFORE us :) waiting.. taking pictures as we walked into the hospital, signing consent forms, being prepped for surgery. My doc didn't let her go in, but we got our own pictures. As soon as my husband came out with our daughter she was right there to catch every moment. You don't have to take your camera and say, hey can you get this or take a picture of all of us, it's done VERY well by Sarah. I love my pictures. She takes pictures of things most people don't think to do or do correctly. I wish I had a natural birth, but wouldn't change having her there for my scheduled c-section. It was like having a family friend there, talk about making you feel comfortable with a photographer there, she does it. Even more I HIGHLY recommend the The Gift of Life package! Haven't been disappointed one bit for all 3 shoots. Figuring out when we want our family pics done by her :) Thanks for everything Sarah.. you're amazing at what you do..!

I felt awkward about it but then realized that it would be a once in a lifetime thing and wanted to be able to show my baby girl when she got older. And trust me...when you're in pain, you don't give a crap about whats going on around you. Again I say, giving life is a beautiful thing. I'd do it again any day. Oh and Sarah is AMAZING when she's there. Beautiful woman inside and out.
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