How much experience do you have with Birth Photography?
*I am Idaho's MOST EXPERIENCED birth photographer having photographed over 400 deliveries to date over the last 8 years! I've been to almost every hospital in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. I was the first professional birth photographer in Idaho, introducing it to the Boise area back when "oh my God, you are actually IN THE ROOM WHILE THE BABY IS COMING OUT" was the typical response. Now, 8 years later, moms book with me even BEFORE getting pregnant just to make sure they get me as their photographer when that amazing day comes! And! I'm one of the most affordable in our area today!! 

What is birth photography?
•Birth photography to me is a journalistic capture of the most memorable and important day in your life. The moments you so easily forget even minutes after they happen because your body was so busy working that you weren’t able to truly process the event. The moments when you first lay eyes on your baby. The moment your spouse falls in love with you all over again. The moment your heart lives outside your body. The moment your life changes forever.

Do you take pictures of the whole labor and birth?
•I arrive to your hospital, birth center, or home when you are in active labor (usually around 4cm dilated) and I stay until about an hour after baby is born. I take photos of your labor process, birth process, and first moments of postpartum. During the birth I stand near the mothers head and photograph from that angle. Capturing what mom can’t see because physically you can’t push and watch at the same time. I'm right there at any moment to capture your emotions and the beauty of you seeing your baby for the first time. If there is any time where you don’t want me present, just ask and I’m happy to step away.

Will you post the photos on the internet?
•I will post a sneak peek of modest images on my facebook page unless requested by you in writing to not do so prior to the birth.

Will we meet before the birth?
•Generally I meet moms at their maternity session (35-37 weeks gestation). Prior to that I’m available for you and your questions and concerns 24/7 via phone, email, text, etc. 

What if I have a c-section?
•C-section moms are no different than vaginal moms in my opinion so I treat you no differently. I am 50% of the time allowed in the local OR’s in this area. So when possible, I will be in your surgery room. In the event that I am not allowed in I photograph everything prior to surgery and immediately following. When possible I will give a backup camera to a nurse who will photograph inside the OR (I make no guarantees to the quality or content of what the nurse photographs) and will process those images and include them in your gallery.

Will I have to get approval from my hospital?
•No. Fortunately in this area there are no restrictions on birth photography. I am allowed in all labor and delivery rooms. You do not need to get permission from the hospital or your doctor. You can, however, if you wish, include in your birth plan that I will be there.

What if you miss the birth?
•In the event that I were to miss a birth due to my unavailability then you are offered a credit of the birth portion of your package towards future sessions within one year of your due date. In the event that I miss a birth because you delivered faster than I could get to the hospital, or for any circumstances outside of my control, I will be there to capture everything following the birth as soon as I arrive.

When should I book you?
•As soon as you possibly can. The earlier in your pregnancy the better. I only take on 6 births (due dates) per month in order to keep from risking two moms delivering at the same time. So therefore availability is limited. Also, if you are doing a package that includes maternity photos then we need to get your maternity session scheduled as far in advance as possible as my calendar for such sessions generally stays completely booked out for 3 months at a time.

Do you offer discounts or take payments?
•On occasion (few and far between) I may put birth packages on sale. My pricing is already so incredibly low that it leaves almost no room for discounts or negotiations. I want everyone to be able to afford birth photography so I make my pricing as affordable without “promos” as possible. We offer payment plans on any and all of our packages that cost $500 or more. Please see our "Payment Plan Information" page for more info.

Do you use a flash? What if I want my birth dark?
•No. I am highly trained at in-camera abilities and techniques that allow me to “shoot in the dark” without any special lighting. I believe your birth images should have the same ambiance that your delivery has. At no time will I intrude with special lighting or ask you to "pose". 

How many photographs will I get?
•This varies on the length of your labor and what things you do/don’t want me to capture. 

How long will it take to get my photographs?
•This ranges depending on the number of births that occur around the same time as yours as well as the number of images captured during your birth. The average time is one week.

Will they be color or black and white?
•You will receive a collection of each. I shoot primarily in color and occasional shoot specific situations in black and white. During post processing I make a determination as to whether an image is better suited for B&W versus color. You can rest assured that you will get the best version suited for each image.

Do I get a CD of all my images? What if I want prints?
•ShutterHappy Photography does not offer discs. You receive all your images via an instant download link sent to your inbox. If you wish to order professional prints or albums those are an additional cost.

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